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Some Thoughts On Wendy Williams' Announcement & Some Tough Mama Love

Editor's Corner

Some Thoughts On Wendy Williams' Announcement & Some Tough Mama Love

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello. Welcome today to this episode of Bella & the Babe. It's becoming almost like Bella & the Babe TV. I talk to you all almost every single day practically about some topic related to self-care, self love, motherhood, and mindfulness. That's where I get my jam, and I really enjoy talking about it.

Today, I am coming on specifically to talk about the Wendy Williams announcement about Graves Disease, and what that has to do with us, as mothers. You're thinking, "What does that have to do with us?"

But before I do that I want to quickly go ahead and share this video out. I want to share it to make sure that the mamas in my Mindful Mama Community, right here on Facebook, have access to this, and that they are able to see this video. So, let me go ahead and do that really quick.


Yes, so if you're tuning in right now, you're tuning in because you want to understand what the heck does Wendy Williams's recent announcement about her Graves Disease have to do with me as a mother? Have to do with me as a woman, and this whole idea of doing it all?

Hello, welcome. My name is Brooke-Sidney, my company is called Bella & the Babe, which is all about empowering authentic and mindful motherhood. And essentially, what I do is I help tired and guilt ridden moms get free of mama guilt, find more time for self-care, and love the lives they're currently living.

Basically, why I wanted to get on today is I wanted to talk to you about the Wendy Williams announcement. And I am by no means an expert on Wendy Williams, let me get that out of the way ... and what we can all learn from her announcement, as well as other messages that she has shared. Because sometimes we don't get it when it comes from just me, just the other mama on the street. But, when we can hear certain messages sometimes echoing in our cultural chamber, then maybe, just maybe people will start to listen. And my hope is that mamas start taking better care of themselves. That's really my goal for today.

I don't know if you guys follow Wendy Williams. She's a major talk show host. She has her own show, she's been in radio. She's been doing the darn thing for ... shoot, I don't even know ... 20 plus years, I would imagine. I myself am not a big Wendy Williams follower. I'm all for women doing their thing though. So hey, go get 'em, Wendy Williams. Just for me, I just don't watch a lot of television, and I definitely don't really watch gossipy television - but that is me. I still think there's a place and a time, and I'm all about her getting her coin and getting that bag.

With that being said, she does a lot of things. She has a very big following. She is very visible. She has her own TV show. She's got a lot of demands on her time, but she also has a family. She has a husband, she has, I think, at least one kid. So, she is definitely a mama, a mamapreneur, a mama business leader. She is doing it. So, I think over the past couple of weeks, she's been passing out. She has been fainting. I think she's known about her disease, or her illness, but she has decided to reveal it most recently. So, she has announced that she has Graves Disease, which is this autoimmune disease. I am not a doctor, I am a lawyer and a self-love guide for mamas, that is not my field.


But the point that I want to really make today with her story and what she shared in the past, is that she came onto a CNN Money interview, where she shared that women can't do it all. And I have been talking about this for years now.

I think that us, as mamas, and us as women, especially I would say like, Gen X, Millennials on down, we were fed the story that we can do it all. That we can have the career, we can have the family, we can have this amazing legacy. Like we can do it all. We can cook, clean, take care of the kids, go to work every day, smash it out there, be a rock star there.


Then, we can have all these other extra-curricular activities, run a non-profit, give back in the community, be a philanthropist. Like do it all, everything. But yet, be at home in the kitchen, serving it up in the bedroom. I'm just being real. All of these things are the messages that we are taught that we are supposed to be, as “super women.” And quite frankly, there are men and society that is buying into it. And if you don't know, or are not willing to admit, it is freaking hype. It is not the truth.

I have so many people that come and ask me, "Okay, I want to get better at self-care. I want some more time. My health is suffering." Take the Wendy Williams example. "My life is suffering, I'm not doing well with work, I'm not doing well as a mother because I'm trying to do it all." And I am here to tell you, just like I tell my clients, just like I talk about on any platform that I have, be it podcasts that I'm interviewed for, anything that I have to talk about as it relates to this "balance," -- it doesn't exist.


Balance does not exist, prioritization exists. Making time for the things that are important to you - exist. That is the key. Something is going to fall to the floor. And as Wendy Williams says, "Something is going to suck." I hate to break it to you, you cannot do it all, all the time, and everything goes swell. There's a key here, there's a reason I'm telling you this. Is that we have to start figuring out what is important to us and not compromising our health.

The way that we figure out what is important to us is to spend more time with ourselves, with Spirit, whatever that works for you, in meditation, in prayer, in some centering activity for you to get quiet, and take care of yourself.


It is anti-cultural to slow down. It's anti-cultural to say, "I can't do it all. I'm not the super woman." It's anti-cultural to say, "I need help." It is almost as if I should whisper it and say, "You have permission." You have permission to ask for help, and to spend time taking care of you, mama. You, woman out there. You, amazing being. Because the truth is that if you don't take care of yourself, there's gonna be a health scare. I hate to put it that way, but it is the truth. There is gonna be a health scare. There is gonna be a “some scare.” There's gonna be something that happens that's gonna wake you up if not now, later. Why wait until later? Let's start taking care of ourselves now. Let's start being honest about our lives now. Let's start reconnecting with ourselves, so that we can prioritize and live the lives that we want to live, and live them out loud.


I'm all about creating. I'm not bullshitting. I'm all about creating a tribe of empowered and mindful women that are not afraid to live this life out loud. That are not afraid to say, "I take time for myself so that I can be my best self for myself and for my kids, and for my spouse, and for my lover, and for everyone that I interact with every single day. And I am okay with it. And not only am I okay with it, I am great with it. And I want you to do the same." Because that's how we connect with our power. That's how we connect with our strength. That's how we stay healthy. That's how we stay tuned in to our greater power, whatever that is for you.

So I am encouraging you, I am inviting you, to spend some time figuring out what works for you, to spend some time being quiet, to spend some time really evaluating what your priorities are. So look back over 2017, and this first month and a half of 2018, and see how well is that working for you? Are there areas of your life that could be working better? Is there joy in areas of your life that you're leaving on the table? Could your health be better? Could your relationships be better? And more importantly, could your connection with yourself be improved?

If you answered yes to any of those things, let's work on it! Let's get it together. Let's work on our self-care. Let's work on our mindfulness. Let's begin to make strides in these areas so that we can improve our 2018, and leave a legacy when we're ready to go. Not because we didn't take care of business. And by taking care of business, that means taking care of ourselves.


So, if you want to learn more about mindfulness and self-care for mothers, I have a free group. I have a free community, jump on into it. And for those of you that right now know that you want to make a serious commitment, meaning you want to work on it on a monthly basis, join my Mindful Mama Membership Circle, where every month you get a lesson. You get an affirmation. You get a guided meditation from me. You get additional tools, worksheets, workbooks, journal prompts, whatever is needed to hone in that particular message around self-care and mindfulness. I'd love for you to join me. We have founding member benefits, and a founding recurring rate that will go away soon. Definitely the links are here, I invite you to join me.

I would love to hear how your 2018 is going. And what you think about this Wendy Williams thing. About what I feel like is the expose, which I have been preaching for I don't know how long, and talking about, that we can't do it all and the super woman idea is a freaking myth - and it's only hurting us as women. The longer that we perpetuate this, that doing it all is the equivalent of being a super woman, we're only hurting ourselves. We're already freaking super women, and the moment that we figure that out and take care of ourselves, we're even greater, because our powers are strengthened!

So, I invite you again, check out my free Mindful Mama Group. Join my email list, get connected. Or for those of you that are more serious and know that you want to take concerted efforts to really get in touch with yourself, and love this motherhood journey that we are so privileged to be on, join my Membership Circle.

Thank you so much. Like and share this video. Talk to you soon.