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Mama, Why Are You Using a Planner NOT Designed for YOU & Your Self-Care?

Editor's Corner

Mama, Why Are You Using a Planner NOT Designed for YOU & Your Self-Care?

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Thank you so much for all of you that are joining me live. Hello, my name is Brooke-Sidney. My company is called Bella and the Babe and it's all about empowering authentic and mindful mothering. And one of the ways that I have helped mamas out for the past three years is by the creation of a tool called the Mama Love Planner.  This is the 2018 edition. And this particular tool, the Mama Love Planner is available in daily and weekly editions. And it's all about helping mamas find more time for self-care.

I'm so excited. Today I just wanted to get on very quickly and answer a couple of questions that I think might be out there. I'm so happy you all are joining. For many of us right now it is December. It is the last month in 2017 and many of us are preparing to figure out what we are going to use next year to plan and have an amazing 2018.  Of course, I would love for you to try my tool, the Mama Love Planner. It's been helping mamas plan self-care for the past three years. This is the third year so I wanted to share with you why the Mama Love Planner is different and why it would be a great reason for you to try it.

Developed For Mamas & Speaks Mama Language

The first thing is that for those of us who are mothers or want to tap into mothering energy, or that Divine Feminine - this planner was developed for us. Every other planner out there - for the most part - I don't want to go off and talk about all the different planners - but most of them we're not developed for mothers. They're developed for the general audience. This planner speaks mama language - to its name, to the way in which it approaches the way mamas have to live, plan, and guard their time.  For the way that we spend time. For the way that we prioritize our time. The Mama Love Planner speaks directly to those things that we have to consider each year -  to birthdays and anniversaries, to gift ideas, to even one of the famous places like the Mama Dreams section. Everything speaks to you as a mama or to the mama within or to the mama that's planning to birth her child this year. Everything speaks to that energy. And it is my hope - even with the colors that are used - that you feel luxurious.  You feel like someone is trying to love on you because that is the whole point of it all. When we open up a planner, especially if we use it daily, we want to feel good when we open it. And that was one of the things that I poured my heart into when I created it.

Figure Out & Plan for Self-Care

The second thing that makes it different from everything else on the market is that it was created specifically to help mothers plan and figure out their self-care.  That was the overall purpose of it. That's the reason why I birthed it. Because I was having a challenging time managing self-care and figuring it all out. And figuring out what the heck does self-care even mean to me? This is the reason why I've created it - to help other mamas out there figure out what self-care tools, practices, and ways to spend their time that actually refuels and nourishes them. Not everyone in general. No, you specifically mama… you! What nourishes, rejuvenates, and restores you. And it could be anything. And I keep holding up the weekly version because it's the most popular. This particular planner actually helps you do that on a monthly and a weekly basis. If you have the weekly edition or if you have the daily, it helps you do it daily.

We have a mama goals section. And that's where you, on a monthly basis, figure out what are some things that you'd like to do to nourish your spirit, mind, and body. Because I believe that spirit kind of fuels everything.  You can do it in any order that works for you. But again, this component, this self-care component, that's incorporated everywhere.  In terms of our self-care to do’s on a weekly, monthly or a daily basis. This self-care component is unique and specific to this planner alone. This is the only planner on the market where you're going to have help in planning out your self-care. It's going to help you figure out your goals. It's going to help you plan it out on a daily or weekly basis. It's going to help you review them to see what is working for you.  What self-care tool is actually working? And then you can track it and see - hey, am I actually doing the self-care things that matter to me? Am I actually doing the self-care activities that refuel me? It's the only thing out there.

So, the first thing again is it speaks the motherhood, mama language. And second, it's the only thing out there that has this self-care component to really help us figure it out. And we all know how important self-care is. If you don't know, check out all the videos on my site.

Gratitude Focus

Then, the third component, which I think is also really important, is the gratitude component. Most of us have figured out how truly important gratitude is in our lives. We all know it. And many of us have gone out and bought journals to actually write down our gratitude on a daily basis or whenever we remember. How the Mama Love Planner is different, is it also has a very strong gratitude component. When I was creating it, I realized I was using a planner and I was also using two and three other journals.  The main one being a gratitude journal. And I also wanted to not carry around 20 million things. I love having things come easy and not carry a lot of stuff. And for new mamas, you have a diaper bag and other things that you're carrying around. It's so important to make our loads light. The Mama Love Planner has a gratitude section. So every day - it doesn't matter whether you have the weekly version or the daily version - you are given a gentle reminder or invitation to write down at least three things that you're grateful for. You can write down even more. You can overflow. You can end up having a whole rampage of all these things that you're grateful for. You can run into the note section. You can go into the back of the journal where there are plenty of note pages. There's note pages every month.  Every month you are encouraged and reminded to write down three things that you're grateful for.  It really supports a strong gratitude practice and a happy life and joyful life because we're grateful for the things that we already have. It also allows us to not have to buy a separate gratitude journal. So, you're even saving money.

The third thing is that you're able again - while you're developing your plans, while you're intentionally planning your life - you're looking through things - you're finding things to be grateful for. You're seeing how beautiful your life already is. And that is so tremendous when we think about living happier, more fulfilling lives and being happier as mothers is to see the gratitude right in front of us.

Celebrate You with Mama Wins

The fourth point is that there's a Mama Win section. This is unique to any planner out there on the market. It's unique to any planner that's even marketing itself to mothers. It has a section daily - it doesn't matter whether you have the daily version or the weekly - that's inviting us to celebrate ourselves as mothers. To give ourselves a high-five.

So, how is the Mama Win different than the gratitude section you ask? The Mama win is something that you would give yourself a high-five for. It could be something small. Or it could be something big. Or it could even be something that you're grateful for. There's overlap. But sometimes it's something as small as today I didn't feel like cooking, and I did. And my kid is pushing my buttons, and we all were human. But we weren't allowing ourselves to get upset.  Or we didn't allow ourselves to get upset. We remained cool. We kept our zen. We were peaceful and collected. Whatever it is, it's something sometimes that internally only we would know. Maybe our husbands or partners might know too. It is a way for us to be like high-five, good job mama! Pat yourself on the back! Woo hoo, you did an amazing job! Those things often go unnoticed. And when we are working on developing either our goals or our mothering, it's so awesome to have a place where we're encouraged to celebrate ourselves. Our celebration of ourselves along with our gratitude, our intentions or whatever create this amazing life that we have. And the way that we show up to ourselves, show up to our family and our kids and all those around us, it all helps. It's all good stuff in the pot.

Adaptable to Any System & Proven Self-Care Results

The last thing in terms of how it's different or why it's special is because it's truly adaptable to any other planning system that you currently have. If you find that you don't do the self-care component as much as you would like. Or you don't use it all the time, that's okay. If you find that you only use it on the weekends. Maybe, you only use it once a month? It's still good to have that self-care reminder on a weekly or monthly basis even if you're not using it every day.

And specifically, the weekly is a great addition to an electronic calendaring system. Maybe you use Google to put all your appointments in? The Mama Love Planner is flexible and adaptable. You can use it almost with any other system that you have even if you're just using it as a weekly self-care tool.  It still works for that. But, I'm encouraging you to use it to its fullest potential because I have seen the help and the transformation that it's done for my life and for other mamas’ lives that have used it.

I encourage you to visit my website and check out what other mamas are saying about the planner.  And for a limited time, use the code: FREESHIP that will give you free shipping. Make sure you're on my email list. Make sure you're in my mama community so that you can get the great tips for self-care, meditations, and mindfulness tools that I currently offer to my mama community.  Thank you so much for watching. I'd love to hear what you think about this video and the Mama Love Planner. Please go and share it out. Sending you so much love. Bye.


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!