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Love Where You Are Right Now While Being Open to Growing More

Editor's Corner

Love Where You Are Right Now While Being Open to Growing More

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello! Thank you so much for tuning in. For those of you that are new to me, my name is Brooke-Sidney Harbour. I am the owner of a company called Bella and the Babe. And I'm also the creator of the Mama Love Planner.  And I really focus on making sure that mamas are getting what they need to feel good emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I'm outside you guys and enjoying this beautiful weather. I live in the sunny Los Angeles area but I digress. I focus on self-care and helping mamas love themselves more and better.

Importance of Being Content Wherever You Are in Your Journey

Today, I got into a very interesting conversation with a friend over things that are sensitive subjects but things that I have healed and healing. So, I wondered how many people are aware of this contradiction, right? Or this ability to hold two different thoughts at the same time? What I mean by that is simply that a big part of self-love and self-care is appreciating where we are  - - whatever that journey is. It's appreciating and knowing where we are and being content with that. But that does not mean that we turn a blind eye or disassociate with things that we continue to want to work on.

Healing Is an Ongoing Process & Not Linear

To me, healing is an ongoing process. How it was best explained to me is that healing was not linear. It's not linear. it's not linear. It’s not something that's one and done. It's something that we continue to explore if we're on that journey to loving ourselves better. We continue to be self-reflective and self-honoring. Check out my video up yesterday about what self-honoring has to do with self-care.

We Are Always Exactly Where We Need to Be

My big thing is that I want people to understand that you can be happy where you are while still working to be better. And that self-care and this whole journey of self-love and fully becoming ourselves - we're always exactly where we need to be. We're always perfect as we are even when we're continue growing. And I think that is what life is life is. Balancing and keeping in mind two – sometimes opposing or contradictory – thoughts at the same time. It's totally possible to love yourself as you are right now. Whatever you've gone through. Whatever you're currently going through. It's totally possible to be completely in love with yourself and okay where you are.

Being Both Content & Wanting More

The whole idea of contentment yet wanting more. You can be content with the lives that we have now while still being like… Ooh, I wonder if I would love my current house but I would love to have house with a pool. Or whatever it is for you. They're not in opposition and they're actually not contradictory. We're able to have these thoughts at the same time. Yes, you can. I know I love the fact that I have become a much more compassionate and understanding person while still seeking to even become even more heart centered even living more wholehearted. They're not in competition. They're not actually in contradiction. But it is this delicate balance of holding two seemingly dissimilar ideas at the same time. I encourage you to you know meditate on this. Think about it. Are there any areas of your life where you're in a place that you're satisfied with, your content with and happy and peaceful but you still know that there's places that you want to grow? right And I really want to encourage mothers to love where they are right now because we can't really grow until we love the person that we are right now.

That’s my quick message. I hope that you are having a great pre-Thanksgiving Day. And I will chat with you tomorrow. Put your comments in the box below and definitely share out and give some love to this video.