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2018 Mama Love Planners Have Arrived. Check Them Out!

Editor's Corner

2018 Mama Love Planners Have Arrived. Check Them Out!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript] 

Hi, I’m Brooke-Sidney. I am the founder and creator of a company called Bella and the Babe which is all about empowering authentic and mindful freaking magical motherhood.  Today, I'm just super excited so I had to jump on because my 2018 Mama Love Planners are finally here and they all start shipping off this week. So, for those of you that have ordered your planner already - you're ahead of the game. And they will be on you're on the way to you this week.  I'm super, super excited.


Basically, here's the weekly planner.  The weekly is here and I’m so excited, not a lot of changes this year. I did add in some special dates into the calendar and I made a couple of modifications there. I did change the appointment system for the weekly and the daily. I removed the times so now it is simply a free space for you to create your own appointments as big as you want. I felt like it was way more free and I found myself writing constantly outside of the lines, and like marking up you know the times to create my own time. So, I said what we're mommas and we need our own space. We need that space to create what we want to create. So that's a big change. In both editions, I got rid of the time slots. It is a free box and free space for you to put how many times and appointments that you want in there.  You can use it for blocking off time and block planning. It makes scheduling a lot more flexible.


The MAMA WIN is still in there. This is a place where you can put in your daily MAMA WINS.  This was a new addition in 2017 and it received a lot of good feedback.


The page is very, very similar to last year's but with the change of the appointment section.  The free appointment box opened the box for all your times. The daily planner is very similar to last year’s. The only thing that has really changed inside the daily is just a free slot for the appointments. No more are you governed by any times or time suggestions. However you are viewing them, it's all free and open for you to plan away mama. I was just super excited I wanted to get on here.


The daily is a little bit thicker for those of you that are you know wondering about the

sizes of them because there may be new to them. The weekly is thinner because you have less pages but it is a little bit bigger because you have a week on two pages. And the daily is smaller but it's also a little bit thicker because you have a day per page.


Beautiful, Luxurious 4 Color Pages

Every page is four color. Yaay!

Daily & Weekly Affirmation Section

Every page will have a daily or weekly affirmation. That is where you put something to charge you up for the week or the day. 

Self-Care Section

We have our Self-Care Section to use on your daily or weekly page. And that's where you take the self-care goals that you plotted out in the monthly section and you put them into either your daily or weekly system. 

Open Appointment Section

We also have the Appointments which I've gone through which is now an open box. it's free planning mama! 

Do This First Section in the Daily Planner

Then we have the “Do This First” section that is only in the daily version.  It where you pull out those top three things that you definitely want to get done during the day. Sometimes we will make lists that are too long. The “Do This First” keeps us centered on trying to get those top three things done. That's what I love about the daily.

Mama Do’s

Then, we have the “Mama Do’s” which are additional items that you want to get done or maybe items are carried over from yesterday.

Mama Wins

And then you have the “Mama Wins” which is something that you want to give yourself a high-five for. It can be distinct from your gratitude but doesn't have to be.

Gratitude Section

Beneath the mama win section in the daily planner, you have the “Gratitude” section where it gives you three lines to encourage you to write down at least three things that you're grateful for. You can run over and write down way more but it's encouraging to list at least three things that you are appreciating about your life, your family, your friends - anything like that.

Mama Money

And then we have our “Mama Money” section for those of us that really enjoy tracking money.  You can track it there in that box on a daily basis. Then, you can reconcile to the bigger monthly mama chart


Next, we have our “Notes” which are on the bottom of every page in the daily. It gives you room for ramblings thoughts, little mini brain dumps although you do have a brain dump page in the monthly pages But it is just space to write down whatever you may want to look up later on the internet. It's just a catch-all box because if we don't write things down they usually don't happen.

If you are using this tool (because that's exactly what it is, it's a tool) to its fullest capability, then you want to have everything in one place.  

The weekly version is very similar.  You have the same monthly pages. Instead of you having the Do This First section, there's a different column called Important Mama Do’s.  Those are the things for that week that you really, really want to get done. Write them down when it comes to mind, and then you can plot them out. Of course, you will have other things that arise on a daily basis too. 

Then, under your free appointments box section, you have the “Mama Do’s” section. There are five boxes. You can still aim to get three done and then are extra spaces. However, you want to look at it. This is a guide but you can use the planner how you see fit or best works for your life.

We have the Gratitude section and then we have the Mama Win. And on the left side of the weekly pages, you have your Mama Money. Beneath those items but on the right side of the of the weekly pages, you have your Notes. So, it's basically the same format. It's generally just whether you prefer a weekly planning system or a daily planning system often.



I'm asked often which one do I recommend?  And I think it's hard to personally say you're going to do better with one or the other. However, there a couple things to keep in mind. If you already use an appointment system, like you're using an electronic calendar such as iCal or Google Calendar. Then usually what's a beautiful complement to it if you're strictly doing planning and self-care work is the weekly planner. It’s great because you can jot down the big rocks as they call them or the big appointments and big dates in your planner. And then you're still using your planner as a reference point, and a way to look over your day. You can pull out the big things that you want to get done.  You then have your self-care planner which is not included in any other planning system.  It also reminds you about your Mama Wins your Gratitude practice, and even your Mama Money.

So, even if you use an electronic calendaring system, the weekly is really a good complement to it. They really work together. I use electronic calendar because I’m trying to keep track of so many things and my son's calendar and so forth.  All of it together works beautifully. I personally go back and forth between the daily and weekly versions. That's probably why I have two of them. The daily is for those of us that like to write a lot more stuff down. I think it’s for those mamas who want more of an intimate look and approach to our days. For those of us I think that enjoy a little more daily journaling and reflection because the daily planner gives you more room to do. The weekly is thinner so if you're constantly on the go, the weekly is a little bit easier to carry than the daily. When I used to carry my baby bag or diaper bag, the weekly is easier. The weekly is thinner although it's a little bit wider. But the daily is a little bit thicker and to me it feels a little bit heavier.

I am super I'm super excited they're shipping out this week. I'd love for you to get one. To grab one, check out my website. (For the daily, click here. And for the weekly, click here.) If you want to look at more in-depth pages, there's a flip through video that shows a lot of the pages (see below).


Right now, if you use code FREESHIP, you will get free shipping. And I'd love for you to check it out. Check out the testimonials and see what other people are saying about this amazing planner that really helps mamas get more self-care time, be intentional and grateful for the beautiful lives that they're living.

That’s it! I'd love to know any questions that you have. Feel free to drop them in the comments below and will talk with you soon. Thank you!


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!