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My One Word for 2016 - Why It’s Different & Impactful!

Editor's Corner

My One Word for 2016 - Why It’s Different & Impactful!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour


Hello Hello! It's only the second week in January 2016 and I am finally announcing my ONE WORD for 2016. Honestly, it took me awhile to figure it out. And then it took me even longer to pray on it and make sure that it truly was my word for this year. I also didn't feel the need to rush it.

What is a One Word?

One Word is the modern day alternative to New Year's Resolutions. Many smart people discovered that people don't keep their resolutions. They are fun to make but hard to keep. And a resolution isn't even a goal. It's like a "wish" for your year. Unless you turn your resolution into a goal and then break it down, it's difficult (dare I say impossible) to make it happen.

So rather than creating (useless) resolutions, many people have decided to focus on one key word for the year. Consider it an anchor for your year. A filter in which to view your goals, decisions, and changes that may need to be made. There are organizations out there (like My One Word) and Facebook groups that can help you find your word or support you in your word choice.

I like to think of my One Word as a theme for my year. It's like my highest intention for my year. It really serves as a way to see if I am staying on point. Your One Word can help you set goals or make any changes that you wish to make in the new year. If used, it can be a very powerful tool and launch pad for your success.

How do you figure out your one word?

There are several ways for you to figure out your One Word. One of the best ways (especially for me) is prayer. I actually spend time with God and ask him for my word. I ask Him what should I do this year? Where does He want me to go? What should I focus on?

Another way people figure out their one word is reflecting on the previous year. It's really helpful to look over last year and see what worked and didn't work. Some people keep their same word for multiple years because it worked for them or they knew there was still work to do with that word in the following year. You're the boss. You set the rules for your One Word.

There are also great tools out there for helping you choose your word. One of my favorites is by Susannah Conway. It's called "Find Your Word." It's F-R-E-E and amazing. I combine that with prayer and VOILA - a word appears! She has a meditation too that you can use if you like those types of things.

And then, honestly, some people feel like their words choose them. They see a word over and over again for a week. It pops out to them whenever they are reading or listening to someone. A word pops into their mind in the shower. So, if you are stuck, start paying attention to the words around you.  Or many people know there is something that they need to work on like love, connection, being purposeful. Or there is something they want more of in their life like abundance, friendship, or joy. So, they pick one of those words.

Again, there are no rules. Choose your word in the best way for you.

What was my One Word last year?

Last year, my word was SELF-CARE. For those of you that follow me or are my clients, you know self-care is a big word of mine. The word kept coming to me in 2014. And I was already working on it and with it. So, it was an easy one for me.

The word has really come alive in my life. It's in my business. I help mamas, mamas-to-be, and busy women find more self-care in their lives and create self-care rituals and routines. (Love that!) I also created the Mama Love Planner™, which helps mamas find more time for self-care. And it is an important part of my life. Honestly, my life works when I make time for myself. I'm living proof of my teachings. After becoming a mama, my self-care was my oxygen!

I also choose Core Desired Feelings last year. Core Desired Feelings (also known as CDFs) are from Danielle LaPorte's book, The Desire Map. I love that book and have found it really helpful on my mothering journey. Last year my words were Bliss, Empowered, Authentic, Oneness, Abundant, and Connected. Usually you have 3-5, but you know I always color outside of the lines. Six spoke to me. So I chose six!

And in 2014 and 2013, I chose the word, HOPE. I love that word. It is still one of my absolute favorite words. And I also go back to it.


Drum roll please! This year my word is AIM - AUTHENTIC, INTENTIONAL, MIRACLES! I am absolutely in love with this word because of it's double meaning for me. I love what the word means on its own as well as an acronym for the words that kept speaking to me for this year.

First, I love the meaning of AIM. It means the following:

  • Have intention of achieving (YES! It even has the word intention in its meaning.)
  • A purpose or intention, desired outcome (YES! Again, the word intention is there.)
  • Directing of a weapon or object at a target (YES! Yes, my life should be directed at a target.)
  • To aspire, intend (YES! YES!)

For me, the actual meaning of AIM was dead on (Excuse the pun)! Our lives are lived intentionally when we direct them at a target, a goal, a reason for living. We live intentional lives when they are AIMED at our goals and aligned with our purpose.

Next, AIM is also an acronym. A is for Authentic. I have a super strong resonance with the word Authentic. It's who I am. Who I always strive to be in my life and in my business. I value authenticity in others and in my relationships. If I sense phoniness or a lack of transparency, I turn the other way or stop listening. Hey, I am just being honest. Authenticity is major for me. It's also one of my Core Desired Feelings.

Then, I is for Intentional. Intentional is the word that came to me first. It came in a God whisper. It's how I strive to live my life. It's part of my work in progress. It's where I want my life to continue growing. And it is definitely a "theme" for my 2016. 

Many of you may have noticed that I changed my title from Authentic & Conscious Mothering Guide to Authentic & INTENTIONAL Mothering Guide. It doesn't necessarily change what I do but it's more of an accurate description. Intentional captures more of me and my services. I seek to not just bring consciousness and awareness to mothering - which I do - but also intentionality.

Intentional means being deliberate, purposeful, with thought, with meaning. It also means ON PURPOSE which I love. And on purpose means by intent or with intentionality. All of these words just flow together. And I noticed that God was truly speaking to me.

I only had one problem with Intention. It was too dry and too mental. It didn’t involve enough SPIRIT for me. It felt off. It felt like not the full story - like it wasn't enough. So, I prayed about it and waited.

God then revealed to me the missing but KEY piece - MIRACLES! I always want to leave room in my life for God to do His work. And I love the idea of miracles. I love experiencing miracles. Quite frankly, I love watching Spirit move in my life. And I am DECLARING 2016 to be a year of MIRACLES! It felt good, right, and complete after Miracles was in the formula!! 

Thus, AIM was born!

You can see that I love the ONE WORD concept. And more importantly, it works for me. I encourage you to try it. I would love to hear about your ONE WORD. Please leave a comment below.

Love & light,

Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe