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Editor's Corner

Real Mama Talk: Are You Living In The Rear View Mirror?

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hey. Welcome you guys. I am getting on today to talk about whether we are living in the past, living in the moment, or are we living in our rearview mirror? So, are we living in the past like in our rearview mirror? Or are we living in the present which is honestly where all of our power is?

For those of you that are new to me, hello, my name is Brooke-Sidney.  I'm the owner of a company called Bella and the Babe which is all about empowering authentic and mindful motherhood.

Basically, what I do is, I help tired and overwhelmed moms love their lives, find more me time, and then have a moment to say thank you. So, I'm here to do that today. I'm here to talk about a personal story. It's a very personal story.  I thought that it would help at least someone understand the value of living in the present.

Oh No, My Car Is In The Shop

For those of you that are watching me on my Instagram stories, you will have a little window into what's going on in my life at this moment. My beloved car is in the shop. I make jokes, but seriously though, I am truly attached to my car. I know I'm not the only mama out there that has the car with everything in it. Like I've got everything that I can prepare for the worst-case scenario. My son's toys, oh, my gosh the backseat is a mess. It needs to be cleaned out. Right now, the car is a freaking mess, but it's still my car and it is like a comfort zone. Anyway, to make a long story short about the car, I had to go get a loaner car so that my car could be serviced. If you're not following me on Instagram, please follow me @CaramelBella. It's all things me, my son, mindful mothering and all that stuff. My Instagram stories are really where I often share a lot about what's going on.  I had to go and pick up my loaner car so that my car can go into the shop.  I know you're wondering, why is their car in the shop?  What happened?

Tons of Co-Parenting Brings Up Emotions Around Divorce

Here's where it's kind of hard to share. But, I'm gonna be real and tell you guys the truth. Over the past two or so weekends I've had to do a lot of co-parenting. I mean a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. I mean in many respects to keep it totally 100, I've had to deal with my ex-husband, the father of my child, more than we interacted when we were married. What that has done for me, if I'm really honest and I'm being transparent, it's brought up ambivalence. It's brought up emotions.

I don't know if you've been through a divorce, but divorce is hard especially if you have children. And whether or not divorce was the right thing for you and your family, it still doesn't matter. It ends up still being hard. It is totally hard. It's a major change in your life. And it's been a major change in my life. And quite truthfully, what I thought my life would look like, that's not to say, that I don't love the life that I have now. And that I've not become better instead of bitter. If you heard me talk about that it still doesn't matter.

Life & Reflection Periods

At some points in our life, we'll have what I call like “reflection periods.”  I realized that I was living in this reflection period. I was rerunning some old stories. I was talking about just so much stuff that dealt with him that it was bringing up a lot of thoughts, ambivalence, and quite truthfully, some sadness and some grief because it was a loss. You know that is the truth of where I've been living probably for the past two weeks. Especially with my son's birthday and just so much going on, so much goodness going on. But then also, so much opportunity to look backwards like look at the past.

Rear View Mirror Gets Hit

Guess what happens on Saturday? I am driving to go grab something quickly to eat and someone literally hits my driver side rear mirror not enough to break it. The rearview mirror wasn't broken. I heard this sound and it definitely jostled me. I was like oh my goodness. And it was not bad enough where I was like, “Oh my god, my car is in a wreck!” But enough to be like, “Oh my gosh, I wonder how my rearview mirror is?” My rear view mirror kind of folded in on that side. Wow!

I get to my home. I look at the rear view mirror. It did what it was supposed to do – you know fold in. So, then I folded it out. It looked basically like it was untouched. And I was like hmm… the mirror is untouched. My car is basically undamaged. Even in that moment I realized a whole bunch of things, which is why I'm getting on. This is why I'm doing this live right now.

Old View Versus New View

The old me would have been really upset, maybe sad, frustrated, angry even. And honestly, justifiably so! Someone totally hit my rearview mirror. I was in my lane. And you know it's a side street. They totally came and hit that side mirror. And honestly, the cars were going so fast. I didn't even know who did it. I have no idea. The old me would have been upset, angry, maybe even fall into a little bit of the victim. Why is this happening to me? All of that. Instead, I had my moment. Don't get me wrong. Like oh dang! Like what in the world? Then, I quickly had a moment of gratitude, and that's kind of what I wanted to really nail home today.

Mindset of Living in the Present

It's how when we are living in the present and we're not living in the past, how our whole viewpoint changes. So, instead of being mad and angry and stuck and frustrated about my rearview mirror that just got tapped. Although it still required me enough to go to the shop but still tapped. I realized in that moment I had a choice. I had a choice on how I wanted to see it. I had a choice on how I wanted to feel about it. And I had a choice on what I wanted to do. Also, the story that I was going to tell myself. And I don't know about you but I always feel like especially when I get this kind of a message that it was like God, Spirit, universe - whatever it is for you. I’m totally getting tingles right now telling you. I felt like it was Spirit because in that moment I was plateful okay. I was grateful that it was just the rearview mirror right and not the whole car.

Grateful in the Moment

I live in LA. There are traffic accidents like people are eating you know breakfast and lunch like they're happening every moment. So, thank goodness it was my rearview mirror and not my entire car. I was very grateful that my son wasn't in the car. That could have scared the crap out of him. Or if it had been worse, he could have been harmed. I'm thankful that it wasn't really an accident. It wasn't really. I mean if so it's like a baby accident. It's so minor. I'm also thankful that my mirror bounced back, so it was no big-time damages. I know there are some damages because now it's not working exactly how it used to like fully motorized – doing all the you know the fancy, fancy, but it didn't fall off my car.  

Then, I have to also think, well goodness, I'm okay. I wasn't harmed.  I also wasn't scared. Sometimes getting into a crash or an accident, it's not even about what happens to your car, but it was about what happens to you mentally. You get shook. I know people now that hate to drive because of accidents. That wasn't me. None of that came my way. I was okay.

And then I knew, and this was such a benefit, that whatever went wrong I could afford to fix it. I realized this was spirit. That's how I'm choosing to see it - just giving me a small reminder. A small tap to stop looking in my rearview mirror, to stop looking in the past even if it's just reflecting. I've done enough.

I know that I'm in a good space. It's a reminder to keep looking ahead and to stay present to this ultra-beautiful life that I am so blessed to live. Gosh, I am so fortunate to live the life that I'm living and a reminder that this is a gift.

There's no point really to looking in the rearview mirror.  I mean, unless we need to, unless we're trying to quickly change lanes.  We need to understand where we've been, so we know where we're going. And I've done that. And that was a reminder you've done that. Brooke-Sidney, you've done it. And I know that being where I am right now is helping other women learn how to live in the present and learn how to live mindfully. And this is my work. All of these things that have happened in my life, in that rearview mirror, to bring me to this present moment which I am totally grateful for.

Questions To Ask Yourself

But, on the flip side mamas. I really want to know. Are you living in the present? Or are you living in the past?  Are you living in your rear view mirror? Are you still like what do they call it? What is it called? Quarterbacking or whatever? like your figuring all that's happened right now because you have the hindsight of seeing what happened behind you. Are you doing that? Or are you living in the moment?

Learning Through Mindfulness

And you know I've learned a lot through my mindfulness practice, my mindfulness teaching, obviously through my meditation, through prayer and journaling. I have learned how to love myself better so that I can love my life. So, that I can see these benefits. See these things that happen to me. These things that could have been like a huge bump and a huge pothole are now like bumps in the road. I'm showing up for myself and I'm not dwelling in the past. But you can do that too. You can do that too!

And I'm here to tell you that this thinking and this mindfulness didn't happen overnight. And I think a lot of us are really kidding ourselves to think that we are actually viewing our lives that way. And when our lives in front of us don't look the way that we think that they do. And I'm saying that with all sincerity and love because this kind of thinking and mindfulness, it didn't happen for me overnight. It is taken work. It has taken time. It has taken support. It has taken others. I just want you to know it's all possible.

And even with this crazy rearview mirror situation that happened to me, life is good. It's beautiful. And I'm here right now in the moment. And I'm also here showing up today to tell you that you can feel this way too. When crappy things happen, you can feel this way too. You'll also be able to see.  Wow!  I know why this happened. Or I feel like I know why it happened. And either way, it's perfect because the story only matters to you. 

We can change our lives. We can change the way we think. And we can find more time. We can love this motherhood journey that we're on. And we can always be ourselves. We can regather it if we feel like we've lost it. We can be ourselves. We just need a little mindfulness, help and support.  I've got you, I've totally got you.

Next Steps: Join My Mindful Mama Community

If you're not a member of my mama community, come and join. That's where I'm giving all the tips on mindfulness, ways to find more time, especially for Mama time and self-care. We're talking about gratitude. We just came off the gratitude challenge and so much more. Join us. The link is in the notes.

And then if you're looking for more personalized and customized support or attention? Or you really want to make this your mindfulness year? You really want to shift things in your life? Feel more happiness, and abundance?  Check in with me. I've got Mindful Mama Sessions and it's I'd love for you to join me either way. Let's connect.

I'd love to keep talking about whether we are living in the past or we’re fully in the present. Have a wonderful Thursday. Today is thankful Thursday. And I have so much to be thankful for and so do you. Talk to you soon


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!

Some Thoughts On Wendy Williams' Announcement & Some Tough Mama Love

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello. Welcome today to this episode of Bella & the Babe. It's becoming almost like Bella & the Babe TV. I talk to you all almost every single day practically about some topic related to self-care, self love, motherhood, and mindfulness. That's where I get my jam, and I really enjoy talking about it.

Today, I am coming on specifically to talk about the Wendy Williams announcement about Graves Disease, and what that has to do with us, as mothers. You're thinking, "What does that have to do with us?"

But before I do that I want to quickly go ahead and share this video out. I want to share it to make sure that the mamas in my Mindful Mama Community, right here on Facebook, have access to this, and that they are able to see this video. So, let me go ahead and do that really quick.


Yes, so if you're tuning in right now, you're tuning in because you want to understand what the heck does Wendy Williams's recent announcement about her Graves Disease have to do with me as a mother? Have to do with me as a woman, and this whole idea of doing it all?

Hello, welcome. My name is Brooke-Sidney, my company is called Bella & the Babe, which is all about empowering authentic and mindful motherhood. And essentially, what I do is I help tired and guilt ridden moms get free of mama guilt, find more time for self-care, and love the lives they're currently living.

Basically, why I wanted to get on today is I wanted to talk to you about the Wendy Williams announcement. And I am by no means an expert on Wendy Williams, let me get that out of the way ... and what we can all learn from her announcement, as well as other messages that she has shared. Because sometimes we don't get it when it comes from just me, just the other mama on the street. But, when we can hear certain messages sometimes echoing in our cultural chamber, then maybe, just maybe people will start to listen. And my hope is that mamas start taking better care of themselves. That's really my goal for today.

I don't know if you guys follow Wendy Williams. She's a major talk show host. She has her own show, she's been in radio. She's been doing the darn thing for ... shoot, I don't even know ... 20 plus years, I would imagine. I myself am not a big Wendy Williams follower. I'm all for women doing their thing though. So hey, go get 'em, Wendy Williams. Just for me, I just don't watch a lot of television, and I definitely don't really watch gossipy television - but that is me. I still think there's a place and a time, and I'm all about her getting her coin and getting that bag.

With that being said, she does a lot of things. She has a very big following. She is very visible. She has her own TV show. She's got a lot of demands on her time, but she also has a family. She has a husband, she has, I think, at least one kid. So, she is definitely a mama, a mamapreneur, a mama business leader. She is doing it. So, I think over the past couple of weeks, she's been passing out. She has been fainting. I think she's known about her disease, or her illness, but she has decided to reveal it most recently. So, she has announced that she has Graves Disease, which is this autoimmune disease. I am not a doctor, I am a lawyer and a self-love guide for mamas, that is not my field.


But the point that I want to really make today with her story and what she shared in the past, is that she came onto a CNN Money interview, where she shared that women can't do it all. And I have been talking about this for years now.

I think that us, as mamas, and us as women, especially I would say like, Gen X, Millennials on down, we were fed the story that we can do it all. That we can have the career, we can have the family, we can have this amazing legacy. Like we can do it all. We can cook, clean, take care of the kids, go to work every day, smash it out there, be a rock star there.


Then, we can have all these other extra-curricular activities, run a non-profit, give back in the community, be a philanthropist. Like do it all, everything. But yet, be at home in the kitchen, serving it up in the bedroom. I'm just being real. All of these things are the messages that we are taught that we are supposed to be, as “super women.” And quite frankly, there are men and society that is buying into it. And if you don't know, or are not willing to admit, it is freaking hype. It is not the truth.

I have so many people that come and ask me, "Okay, I want to get better at self-care. I want some more time. My health is suffering." Take the Wendy Williams example. "My life is suffering, I'm not doing well with work, I'm not doing well as a mother because I'm trying to do it all." And I am here to tell you, just like I tell my clients, just like I talk about on any platform that I have, be it podcasts that I'm interviewed for, anything that I have to talk about as it relates to this "balance," -- it doesn't exist.


Balance does not exist, prioritization exists. Making time for the things that are important to you - exist. That is the key. Something is going to fall to the floor. And as Wendy Williams says, "Something is going to suck." I hate to break it to you, you cannot do it all, all the time, and everything goes swell. There's a key here, there's a reason I'm telling you this. Is that we have to start figuring out what is important to us and not compromising our health.

The way that we figure out what is important to us is to spend more time with ourselves, with Spirit, whatever that works for you, in meditation, in prayer, in some centering activity for you to get quiet, and take care of yourself.


It is anti-cultural to slow down. It's anti-cultural to say, "I can't do it all. I'm not the super woman." It's anti-cultural to say, "I need help." It is almost as if I should whisper it and say, "You have permission." You have permission to ask for help, and to spend time taking care of you, mama. You, woman out there. You, amazing being. Because the truth is that if you don't take care of yourself, there's gonna be a health scare. I hate to put it that way, but it is the truth. There is gonna be a health scare. There is gonna be a “some scare.” There's gonna be something that happens that's gonna wake you up if not now, later. Why wait until later? Let's start taking care of ourselves now. Let's start being honest about our lives now. Let's start reconnecting with ourselves, so that we can prioritize and live the lives that we want to live, and live them out loud.


I'm all about creating. I'm not bullshitting. I'm all about creating a tribe of empowered and mindful women that are not afraid to live this life out loud. That are not afraid to say, "I take time for myself so that I can be my best self for myself and for my kids, and for my spouse, and for my lover, and for everyone that I interact with every single day. And I am okay with it. And not only am I okay with it, I am great with it. And I want you to do the same." Because that's how we connect with our power. That's how we connect with our strength. That's how we stay healthy. That's how we stay tuned in to our greater power, whatever that is for you.

So I am encouraging you, I am inviting you, to spend some time figuring out what works for you, to spend some time being quiet, to spend some time really evaluating what your priorities are. So look back over 2017, and this first month and a half of 2018, and see how well is that working for you? Are there areas of your life that could be working better? Is there joy in areas of your life that you're leaving on the table? Could your health be better? Could your relationships be better? And more importantly, could your connection with yourself be improved?

If you answered yes to any of those things, let's work on it! Let's get it together. Let's work on our self-care. Let's work on our mindfulness. Let's begin to make strides in these areas so that we can improve our 2018, and leave a legacy when we're ready to go. Not because we didn't take care of business. And by taking care of business, that means taking care of ourselves.


So, if you want to learn more about mindfulness and self-care for mothers, I have a free group. I have a free community, jump on into it. And for those of you that right now know that you want to make a serious commitment, meaning you want to work on it on a monthly basis, join my Mindful Mama Membership Circle, where every month you get a lesson. You get an affirmation. You get a guided meditation from me. You get additional tools, worksheets, workbooks, journal prompts, whatever is needed to hone in that particular message around self-care and mindfulness. I'd love for you to join me. We have founding member benefits, and a founding recurring rate that will go away soon. Definitely the links are here, I invite you to join me.

I would love to hear how your 2018 is going. And what you think about this Wendy Williams thing. About what I feel like is the expose, which I have been preaching for I don't know how long, and talking about, that we can't do it all and the super woman idea is a freaking myth - and it's only hurting us as women. The longer that we perpetuate this, that doing it all is the equivalent of being a super woman, we're only hurting ourselves. We're already freaking super women, and the moment that we figure that out and take care of ourselves, we're even greater, because our powers are strengthened!

So, I invite you again, check out my free Mindful Mama Group. Join my email list, get connected. Or for those of you that are more serious and know that you want to take concerted efforts to really get in touch with yourself, and love this motherhood journey that we are so privileged to be on, join my Membership Circle.

Thank you so much. Like and share this video. Talk to you soon.


Join the Gratitude Challenge - Let's Party!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

Join the Gratitude Challenge - Let's Party!

Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe is hosting a gratitude challenge (really it's a party) beginning on Monday, January 8. Learn how to develop a gratitude practice, the connection between joy and gratitude, the link between mindfulness and gratitude, manifestation, active appreciation, fun, and much more!

To sign up and get additional information, click here!

Relax. Let's Take the Pressure Off the New Year

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

This video is about Relax! Let's Take the Pressure Off the New Year. In this video, Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe discusses the pressure and weightiness that many of us feel at the beginning of the year. Instead of stressing out over planning everything out, it's important to recognize where we are.

No More Mama Guilt:  Why We Shouldn't Have Mama Guilt

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello, my name is Brooke-Sidney and I'm the owner of a company called Bella and the Babe. And I'm also the creator of an amazing planner designed for mamas called the Mama Love Planner™ that's available in daily and weekly editions. Tonight, I wanted to get on and discuss mama guilt. I've been noticing that a lot of times when I'm talking about self-care and self-love - which to me is the whole point of doing self-care - is I'm getting questions centered around the topic of mama guilt. And for those of you that are watching, I would define mama guilt - in the way that it's been talked about in the questions that I received - is feeling guilty for taking time away from our kids or taking time away from our spouses or our families to really do things for ourselves. Right? Really that's, in essence, what mama guilt is. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about why it's important for us to still do the self-care that we need as mothers. And why we want to try to flip the way we think about it.

Stop Thinking the Old Mindset That Motherhood Equals Total Sacrifice All the Time

The first thing when we are talking about mama guilt is really looking at the fact that we as mamas have needs, right! We have needs and when we feel guilty about them, it's at some level us thinking that our needs as a mother, as a parent, or whatever are somehow not on par with our children's needs. Or we feel guilty for putting our needs as women and as mothers at the same level as our family needs. And you know, this is very, very common. Part of it, I think is based in this premise - this old, old premise - that being a mother truly requires sacrifice. And it is not to say that there aren't moments when we're going to sacrifice. We're going to have times when we sacrifice our sleep, our energy, our resources, and most certainly our time. And you know that often results in our energy. But that motherhood is sacrifice. I know that there's a lot of old paradigms where to become a mother means you actually give up your life for your child's life. And I want to challenge that perspective. I want to challenge that thought and say no! That's not only not required. It's also not healthy. We want our children to not only see us as mothers, but also see us as whole people who have needs and emotions and thoughts. And we have our good days. We have mostly good days. We also have some times where we have bad days.

Release Guilt by Acknowledging & Accepting Having Needs Is Ok

And I think part of releasing this guilt is being okay with us as women and us as mothers by acknowledging that we have needs and those needs are ok. And those needs are healthy. Ok, I feel like that is the foundation at which we want to think about mama guilt. Because why are we feeling guilty? We're feeling guilty because we don't want to take time away from our children, our families. We don't want our needs to supersede our family or children. And it's really not about superseding, but I know that's how it can feel. It's more about making our needs on par with our children and on our children's needs, and on par with our spouse or partners’ needs. So, I really want to set that foundation about really having us think about our needs as being on par with our children, our family, our spouses’ needs because those are important as mother and women.

When We Sacrifice & Devalue Our Needs, We Are Teaching Our Children to Do the Same

The second thing I really want us to think about is that if our children constantly watch us sidestep ourselves and sacrifice our needs for those around us, our spouse, or friends, or whomever, they will learn ultimately that it's okay to do devalue themselves in favor of others. Because half, if not all of what being a parent or a mother is about, is about teaching our children not just through what we say, but through who we are. Our children are constantly watching us. Our children are constantly seeing how we interact with them and the world around us. And if our children see us always self-sacrificing, always giving up, always putting everyone else above ourselves, we're in fact teaching them to do the same.

Not Doing Self-Care Is Not Embracing Ourselves & Our Lives

The other thing about it. As we consider mama guilt and we consider our needs, which is ultimately what this conversation is about. If we sacrifice our needs, are we truly embracing our life? I know that's a super-deep way to look at it. But us having needs is a part of being a whole and full human being. And so, when we are hesitant to embrace our needs, we are ultimately hesitant to embrace our lives. However, you view spirituality, whether you believe it's God or universe or you are agnostic about it, we were all created for a purpose. That's what I believe. And, as you know from everyone having different personalities and different ways of thinking about things. We have to embrace that essence of who we are. And part of that is embracing our needs. It's embracing our whole selves. And that is equivalent to embracing our lives, to embracing life, right! And we want to teach our children to do the exact same thing - to embrace who they are, to embrace their needs, to embrace their lives.

Remember What You Want to Mirror to Your Children About Needs

When you start thinking about mama guilt and not valuing your needs as a mother, I want to encourage you to think about the deeper, deeper meanings of what we are mirroring to our children. I could talk about this today. But I'm going to talk about one more point because I think this is going to be a bigger conversation centered around mama guilt. And I don't want to talk for 20 minutes. I'd rather do bite-sized pieces. 

Doing Self-Care Properly Takes Care of Our Emotions & Refuels

The last thing I want to share for contemplation and reflection on this topic is that we do our children a spiritual service, right! A parenting lesson when we develop our ability to fulfill ourselves and take care of our emotions.  And ultimately, self-care makes us feel better. Because at some level, the whole point of self-care, it's not about a massage. It's not about getting our nails done even though those are things that could be a self-care experience for you. it's ultimately about doing things that refresh and refuel and nourish us. And ultimately make us feel better right. Make us feel better. Make us feel able to take on the world. Make us feel able to have another sleepless night, to deal with another tantrum, to deal with the continuous “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? For those of you that have preschoolers you know what I'm talking about. Or you have a teenager that comes home and is rebellious. That is why we do self-care. To take care of ourselves so that we they can then take care of others. When we are able to fully embrace, and develop our ability to take care of ourselves and our emotions. And fully take care of ourselves and fully love ourselves, we are showing our children, not only is it important but that they should do it too.

Join My Deeper Discussion on Self-Care as Soul-Care

I hope that this has been helpful as we continue this conversation on mama guilt. And as I continue to explore topics around self-care. I feel like if you haven't listened to my other recent Facebook lives or periscopes, I'm taking this self-care conversation deeper in 2017 and 2018. Right now, self-care is being overused. And it's basically being talked about and discussed as if it's all about pampering which is fine. We, as mamas, need pampering. But what I am speaking of is a deeper level of self-care, a soul care, a spiritual care. A deepening, nourishing, restorative activities and experiences that truly rejuvenate us as mothers and us as women. That bring ultimately greater self-love and self-knowledge. That's where I'm coming from in terms of my self-care, self-love discussion. I hope that you join me and share these messages out as we continue to explore and as I continue to discuss the more deeper elements of self-care and self-love.

Try the Mama Love Planner

And for those of you that don't know, I am the creator of the Mama Love Planner™ which I've mentioned. And the 2018 is available now. I would love for you to try the planner and experience it because it is a great tool. In fact, it is the only tool out there that is developed and designed for mothers to help them plan and figure out the self-care tools and experiences that they need to be refreshed and restored. It also is a gratitude journal. It asks you to give at least three items of gratitude daily. And it's an intentional planner. It's an intentional planning system. So, I encourage you to check it out. It's the Mama Love Planner. For a limited time, I'm offering 20% off. I would love to get the planner into more mama’s hands. Check it out. The information is in the title of this Facebook Live. And if you have any questions on self-care or the Mama Love Planner™, please put them in the comments. I will do my best to address them.

I've enjoyed this conversation. Look out for another mama guilt in self-care discussion as I continue to go deeper into this topic. I think it's so, so important that we, as mamas, are able to shed that guilt and be able to fully take care of ourselves and in the best way possible.

Have an amazing evening and I will talk with you soon.


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!

Love Where You Are Right Now While Being Open to Growing More

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello! Thank you so much for tuning in. For those of you that are new to me, my name is Brooke-Sidney Harbour. I am the owner of a company called Bella and the Babe. And I'm also the creator of the Mama Love Planner.  And I really focus on making sure that mamas are getting what they need to feel good emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I'm outside you guys and enjoying this beautiful weather. I live in the sunny Los Angeles area but I digress. I focus on self-care and helping mamas love themselves more and better.

Importance of Being Content Wherever You Are in Your Journey

Today, I got into a very interesting conversation with a friend over things that are sensitive subjects but things that I have healed and healing. So, I wondered how many people are aware of this contradiction, right? Or this ability to hold two different thoughts at the same time? What I mean by that is simply that a big part of self-love and self-care is appreciating where we are  - - whatever that journey is. It's appreciating and knowing where we are and being content with that. But that does not mean that we turn a blind eye or disassociate with things that we continue to want to work on.

Healing Is an Ongoing Process & Not Linear

To me, healing is an ongoing process. How it was best explained to me is that healing was not linear. It's not linear. it's not linear. It’s not something that's one and done. It's something that we continue to explore if we're on that journey to loving ourselves better. We continue to be self-reflective and self-honoring. Check out my video up yesterday about what self-honoring has to do with self-care.

We Are Always Exactly Where We Need to Be

My big thing is that I want people to understand that you can be happy where you are while still working to be better. And that self-care and this whole journey of self-love and fully becoming ourselves - we're always exactly where we need to be. We're always perfect as we are even when we're continue growing. And I think that is what life is life is. Balancing and keeping in mind two – sometimes opposing or contradictory – thoughts at the same time. It's totally possible to love yourself as you are right now. Whatever you've gone through. Whatever you're currently going through. It's totally possible to be completely in love with yourself and okay where you are.

Being Both Content & Wanting More

The whole idea of contentment yet wanting more. You can be content with the lives that we have now while still being like… Ooh, I wonder if I would love my current house but I would love to have house with a pool. Or whatever it is for you. They're not in opposition and they're actually not contradictory. We're able to have these thoughts at the same time. Yes, you can. I know I love the fact that I have become a much more compassionate and understanding person while still seeking to even become even more heart centered even living more wholehearted. They're not in competition. They're not actually in contradiction. But it is this delicate balance of holding two seemingly dissimilar ideas at the same time. I encourage you to you know meditate on this. Think about it. Are there any areas of your life where you're in a place that you're satisfied with, your content with and happy and peaceful but you still know that there's places that you want to grow? right And I really want to encourage mothers to love where they are right now because we can't really grow until we love the person that we are right now.

That’s my quick message. I hope that you are having a great pre-Thanksgiving Day. And I will chat with you tomorrow. Put your comments in the box below and definitely share out and give some love to this video.

Mama, Why Are You Using a Planner NOT Designed for YOU & Your Self-Care?

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Thank you so much for all of you that are joining me live. Hello, my name is Brooke-Sidney. My company is called Bella and the Babe and it's all about empowering authentic and mindful mothering. And one of the ways that I have helped mamas out for the past three years is by the creation of a tool called the Mama Love Planner.  This is the 2018 edition. And this particular tool, the Mama Love Planner is available in daily and weekly editions. And it's all about helping mamas find more time for self-care.

I'm so excited. Today I just wanted to get on very quickly and answer a couple of questions that I think might be out there. I'm so happy you all are joining. For many of us right now it is December. It is the last month in 2017 and many of us are preparing to figure out what we are going to use next year to plan and have an amazing 2018.  Of course, I would love for you to try my tool, the Mama Love Planner. It's been helping mamas plan self-care for the past three years. This is the third year so I wanted to share with you why the Mama Love Planner is different and why it would be a great reason for you to try it.

Developed For Mamas & Speaks Mama Language

The first thing is that for those of us who are mothers or want to tap into mothering energy, or that Divine Feminine - this planner was developed for us. Every other planner out there - for the most part - I don't want to go off and talk about all the different planners - but most of them we're not developed for mothers. They're developed for the general audience. This planner speaks mama language - to its name, to the way in which it approaches the way mamas have to live, plan, and guard their time.  For the way that we spend time. For the way that we prioritize our time. The Mama Love Planner speaks directly to those things that we have to consider each year -  to birthdays and anniversaries, to gift ideas, to even one of the famous places like the Mama Dreams section. Everything speaks to you as a mama or to the mama within or to the mama that's planning to birth her child this year. Everything speaks to that energy. And it is my hope - even with the colors that are used - that you feel luxurious.  You feel like someone is trying to love on you because that is the whole point of it all. When we open up a planner, especially if we use it daily, we want to feel good when we open it. And that was one of the things that I poured my heart into when I created it.

Figure Out & Plan for Self-Care

The second thing that makes it different from everything else on the market is that it was created specifically to help mothers plan and figure out their self-care.  That was the overall purpose of it. That's the reason why I birthed it. Because I was having a challenging time managing self-care and figuring it all out. And figuring out what the heck does self-care even mean to me? This is the reason why I've created it - to help other mamas out there figure out what self-care tools, practices, and ways to spend their time that actually refuels and nourishes them. Not everyone in general. No, you specifically mama… you! What nourishes, rejuvenates, and restores you. And it could be anything. And I keep holding up the weekly version because it's the most popular. This particular planner actually helps you do that on a monthly and a weekly basis. If you have the weekly edition or if you have the daily, it helps you do it daily.

We have a mama goals section. And that's where you, on a monthly basis, figure out what are some things that you'd like to do to nourish your spirit, mind, and body. Because I believe that spirit kind of fuels everything.  You can do it in any order that works for you. But again, this component, this self-care component, that's incorporated everywhere.  In terms of our self-care to do’s on a weekly, monthly or a daily basis. This self-care component is unique and specific to this planner alone. This is the only planner on the market where you're going to have help in planning out your self-care. It's going to help you figure out your goals. It's going to help you plan it out on a daily or weekly basis. It's going to help you review them to see what is working for you.  What self-care tool is actually working? And then you can track it and see - hey, am I actually doing the self-care things that matter to me? Am I actually doing the self-care activities that refuel me? It's the only thing out there.

So, the first thing again is it speaks the motherhood, mama language. And second, it's the only thing out there that has this self-care component to really help us figure it out. And we all know how important self-care is. If you don't know, check out all the videos on my site.

Gratitude Focus

Then, the third component, which I think is also really important, is the gratitude component. Most of us have figured out how truly important gratitude is in our lives. We all know it. And many of us have gone out and bought journals to actually write down our gratitude on a daily basis or whenever we remember. How the Mama Love Planner is different, is it also has a very strong gratitude component. When I was creating it, I realized I was using a planner and I was also using two and three other journals.  The main one being a gratitude journal. And I also wanted to not carry around 20 million things. I love having things come easy and not carry a lot of stuff. And for new mamas, you have a diaper bag and other things that you're carrying around. It's so important to make our loads light. The Mama Love Planner has a gratitude section. So every day - it doesn't matter whether you have the weekly version or the daily version - you are given a gentle reminder or invitation to write down at least three things that you're grateful for. You can write down even more. You can overflow. You can end up having a whole rampage of all these things that you're grateful for. You can run into the note section. You can go into the back of the journal where there are plenty of note pages. There's note pages every month.  Every month you are encouraged and reminded to write down three things that you're grateful for.  It really supports a strong gratitude practice and a happy life and joyful life because we're grateful for the things that we already have. It also allows us to not have to buy a separate gratitude journal. So, you're even saving money.

The third thing is that you're able again - while you're developing your plans, while you're intentionally planning your life - you're looking through things - you're finding things to be grateful for. You're seeing how beautiful your life already is. And that is so tremendous when we think about living happier, more fulfilling lives and being happier as mothers is to see the gratitude right in front of us.

Celebrate You with Mama Wins

The fourth point is that there's a Mama Win section. This is unique to any planner out there on the market. It's unique to any planner that's even marketing itself to mothers. It has a section daily - it doesn't matter whether you have the daily version or the weekly - that's inviting us to celebrate ourselves as mothers. To give ourselves a high-five.

So, how is the Mama Win different than the gratitude section you ask? The Mama win is something that you would give yourself a high-five for. It could be something small. Or it could be something big. Or it could even be something that you're grateful for. There's overlap. But sometimes it's something as small as today I didn't feel like cooking, and I did. And my kid is pushing my buttons, and we all were human. But we weren't allowing ourselves to get upset.  Or we didn't allow ourselves to get upset. We remained cool. We kept our zen. We were peaceful and collected. Whatever it is, it's something sometimes that internally only we would know. Maybe our husbands or partners might know too. It is a way for us to be like high-five, good job mama! Pat yourself on the back! Woo hoo, you did an amazing job! Those things often go unnoticed. And when we are working on developing either our goals or our mothering, it's so awesome to have a place where we're encouraged to celebrate ourselves. Our celebration of ourselves along with our gratitude, our intentions or whatever create this amazing life that we have. And the way that we show up to ourselves, show up to our family and our kids and all those around us, it all helps. It's all good stuff in the pot.

Adaptable to Any System & Proven Self-Care Results

The last thing in terms of how it's different or why it's special is because it's truly adaptable to any other planning system that you currently have. If you find that you don't do the self-care component as much as you would like. Or you don't use it all the time, that's okay. If you find that you only use it on the weekends. Maybe, you only use it once a month? It's still good to have that self-care reminder on a weekly or monthly basis even if you're not using it every day.

And specifically, the weekly is a great addition to an electronic calendaring system. Maybe you use Google to put all your appointments in? The Mama Love Planner is flexible and adaptable. You can use it almost with any other system that you have even if you're just using it as a weekly self-care tool.  It still works for that. But, I'm encouraging you to use it to its fullest potential because I have seen the help and the transformation that it's done for my life and for other mamas’ lives that have used it.

I encourage you to visit my website and check out what other mamas are saying about the planner.  And for a limited time, use the code: FREESHIP that will give you free shipping. Make sure you're on my email list. Make sure you're in my mama community so that you can get the great tips for self-care, meditations, and mindfulness tools that I currently offer to my mama community.  Thank you so much for watching. I'd love to hear what you think about this video and the Mama Love Planner. Please go and share it out. Sending you so much love. Bye.


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!



How To Make Self-Care Goals & Monthly Planning Easy

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript]

Hello, my name is Brooke-Sidney and I am the owner and founder of Bella and the Babe which is all about empowering authentic and mindful motherhood. I am a self-love advocate. And I really love speaking to mamas because I am a mama and becoming a mama was so incredibly transformational in my life. One of the things that I did when I became a mother is I struggled with making time to take care of myself. And I also struggled with feeling okay to spend time loving just on me. And that's part of the reason why I created the Mama Love Planner. This one is my weekly and it's all beat up. It's totally beat up.

And what I wanted to do really quickly… I'm not going to stay on long but what I wanted to do was really talk about monthly self-care planning. And it is December 3rd and I am actually just starting to do my December planning. And in terms of my monthly self-care goals, I plan monthly. I know that some people are big 90-day planners, and quarterly like the whole 90-day plan. That's pretty big right now. Some people are monthly planners. I find myself to be more monthly especially as it relates to personal things. I'm trying to get better with being more quarterly like the 90-day plan or yearly annual planning for my business. But for my monthly plans I always try to look at it and do it at least on a monthly basis. And that's why I figured - let me get on and kind of demystify this whole self-care planning thing in 2018. And later this year, I'm planning to do a small and brief workshop for my mama love planner buyers on how to best use and optimize the planner. But I figured I would just give you a couple of things that I do when I'm planning my self-care for the month.

First Step – Pray or Meditate

The first thing that I do and it's probably a no-brainer is I actually pray and/or meditate before I begin. And sometimes, I'm going to be honest with you, it is a five-minute thing. A lot of times we make it out in our heads that we have to do this huge ritual. And I'm a big fan of ritual. And in my longer course, I'm going to talk about these awesome ways that we can set up time so I pamper ourselves and do monthly rituals. But sometimes we just need to get in and get it done. And one of the easiest things that I do is I just say a prayer or do a quick meditation to clear my mind, clear my space, and attune myself to what I need to figure out right now.

Second Tip – Don’t Overthink

My second tip is I don't overthink it. The mama love planner and like any planning system its modifiable. Meaning, when we write something down it's not set in stone. We can always change it. To me, the goal - especially on my first pass at all of them - is really just to get something down on the page. Oftentimes, I might have an idea of what I want to do.

Third Tip – Breakdown Goals into Spirit, Mind & Body Areas

For the mama goals, I don't know if you can see them -  it's mind, body and spirit. And I put them in the order of spirit, mind and body because of how important my spiritual life is to me, to women and to our greater development. That's why it's ordered first. But there's spirit, mind and body, and you can attack them any way that feels good to you.

In December, for example, you might have a lot of mind things right now. Like we have so much shopping to do, especially those of us that don't shop all the way in like February or like June or whatever. But those of us that are shopping still for the holidays. Maybe there's a lot of things that you want to get done. 

And perhaps spiritually, there are a lot of things because of the holiday season that takes some precedence because of honoring God or whatever your spiritual tradition is during this period of the year. Or even for our body. I'm really encouraging and inviting women and mamas to pay close attention to themselves - to really check in and attune to themselves. I hope you're on my email list. If you're not on my email list, please click and join so that you can get connected. Because on my email list I give out additional tips, meditation and mindfulness habits and practices. Even this particular email I sent out earlier today I talked a little bit about mindfulness and connecting to ourselves every day. It is my invitation to you - is to simply write down whatever comes to mind for mind, body and spirit. You can always expand. You can always add more but it's just a starting point.

Fourth Tip – Do A Brain Dump

The other thing that's really helpful to do is a brain dump. There's a brain dump page. So if you are stuck trying to figure out what are your goals and things that you want to accomplish in this month. Start journaling. Just start getting the ideas onto the page and the brain dump section is the perfect place to do that. That's why it was created. It is actually next to the Mama Money section for those of us that may be trying to figure out a whole bunch of goals or map our money goals to the mind, body and spirit goals. It's a lot sometimes but it becomes much more manageable once we get it down on the page. I'm encouraging you again. I told you this was going to be a quick one. And I'm really trying to help people use the planner more and demystify this self-care planning on a monthly basis and on a weekly basis.

 Basically, the first thing to do is really to pray or meditate. And the reason why I say that is because you want to tune in to your higher purpose and gain clarity so that you can really maximize your planning time and be less distracted. It really does quiet things down. Then, write down whatever comes to your mind in those particular areas. For example, this is December so you can look back at your earlier month’s goals.

Fifth Tip – Review Previous Months

My next tip is to look back at your other months and figure out what were some of the mind, body, and spirit goals that you had. Or you can review self-care planning things that you enjoy or wanted to do that perhaps you didn't do. Maybe you want to add those in. So use your previous months to inform this month, which is one of the big things about the planner. It's not just your regular planner. It's a self-care tracker. You are able to see what you are doing and doing well. What makes sense to you. What you like. What you didn't like. Maybe some things you want to experiment with more.  So, go back and look at previous months. And then I would say after you've completed that month then if you have time in this particular instance. And you may not want to sit down and do a half an hour or hours worth of planning. You might just want to do you know 15-20 minutes.  Do your monthly planning self-care goals and then come back maybe the next day and actually plot them out for the week. Whatever works best for you or for the day. My point is make it manageable.  Perhaps it's even Sunday and you've already gone to a spiritual service or something like that. And you're in that mode… you're in that space of being like receptive to all of your clarity and all of your wisdom that's within. Mama, just knock it out then. Go through and put down some of your self-care goals. Just write them down. Then, you can always go back. We can always go back. We can always modify and we can always change them. We are women. You're free to change your minds.  

So, I just wanted to hop on briefly and give you a little bit of tips about how I do my monthly self-care planning and how I use my planner. And I'm going to be doing more and more of these videos. If you're not following me, make sure that you click like and follow so that you're following the Bella and the Babe. I encourage you to check out the planner - the Mama Love Planner. I'm still offering 20% off with the code: SELFCARE. And please join my email list so that you can get even more discounts, get mindfulness tips, and other good freebies and goodies that help us as mamas love ourselves better. I hope this has been helpful. Please do like it, love it, share it, and leave your comments below. I'd love to hear from you. Take care.


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!

2018 Mama Love Planners Have Arrived. Check Them Out!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

[Video Transcript] 

Hi, I’m Brooke-Sidney. I am the founder and creator of a company called Bella and the Babe which is all about empowering authentic and mindful freaking magical motherhood.  Today, I'm just super excited so I had to jump on because my 2018 Mama Love Planners are finally here and they all start shipping off this week. So, for those of you that have ordered your planner already - you're ahead of the game. And they will be on you're on the way to you this week.  I'm super, super excited.


Basically, here's the weekly planner.  The weekly is here and I’m so excited, not a lot of changes this year. I did add in some special dates into the calendar and I made a couple of modifications there. I did change the appointment system for the weekly and the daily. I removed the times so now it is simply a free space for you to create your own appointments as big as you want. I felt like it was way more free and I found myself writing constantly outside of the lines, and like marking up you know the times to create my own time. So, I said what we're mommas and we need our own space. We need that space to create what we want to create. So that's a big change. In both editions, I got rid of the time slots. It is a free box and free space for you to put how many times and appointments that you want in there.  You can use it for blocking off time and block planning. It makes scheduling a lot more flexible.


The MAMA WIN is still in there. This is a place where you can put in your daily MAMA WINS.  This was a new addition in 2017 and it received a lot of good feedback.


The page is very, very similar to last year's but with the change of the appointment section.  The free appointment box opened the box for all your times. The daily planner is very similar to last year’s. The only thing that has really changed inside the daily is just a free slot for the appointments. No more are you governed by any times or time suggestions. However you are viewing them, it's all free and open for you to plan away mama. I was just super excited I wanted to get on here.


The daily is a little bit thicker for those of you that are you know wondering about the

sizes of them because there may be new to them. The weekly is thinner because you have less pages but it is a little bit bigger because you have a week on two pages. And the daily is smaller but it's also a little bit thicker because you have a day per page.


Beautiful, Luxurious 4 Color Pages

Every page is four color. Yaay!

Daily & Weekly Affirmation Section

Every page will have a daily or weekly affirmation. That is where you put something to charge you up for the week or the day. 

Self-Care Section

We have our Self-Care Section to use on your daily or weekly page. And that's where you take the self-care goals that you plotted out in the monthly section and you put them into either your daily or weekly system. 

Open Appointment Section

We also have the Appointments which I've gone through which is now an open box. it's free planning mama! 

Do This First Section in the Daily Planner

Then we have the “Do This First” section that is only in the daily version.  It where you pull out those top three things that you definitely want to get done during the day. Sometimes we will make lists that are too long. The “Do This First” keeps us centered on trying to get those top three things done. That's what I love about the daily.

Mama Do’s

Then, we have the “Mama Do’s” which are additional items that you want to get done or maybe items are carried over from yesterday.

Mama Wins

And then you have the “Mama Wins” which is something that you want to give yourself a high-five for. It can be distinct from your gratitude but doesn't have to be.

Gratitude Section

Beneath the mama win section in the daily planner, you have the “Gratitude” section where it gives you three lines to encourage you to write down at least three things that you're grateful for. You can run over and write down way more but it's encouraging to list at least three things that you are appreciating about your life, your family, your friends - anything like that.

Mama Money

And then we have our “Mama Money” section for those of us that really enjoy tracking money.  You can track it there in that box on a daily basis. Then, you can reconcile to the bigger monthly mama chart


Next, we have our “Notes” which are on the bottom of every page in the daily. It gives you room for ramblings thoughts, little mini brain dumps although you do have a brain dump page in the monthly pages But it is just space to write down whatever you may want to look up later on the internet. It's just a catch-all box because if we don't write things down they usually don't happen.

If you are using this tool (because that's exactly what it is, it's a tool) to its fullest capability, then you want to have everything in one place.  

The weekly version is very similar.  You have the same monthly pages. Instead of you having the Do This First section, there's a different column called Important Mama Do’s.  Those are the things for that week that you really, really want to get done. Write them down when it comes to mind, and then you can plot them out. Of course, you will have other things that arise on a daily basis too. 

Then, under your free appointments box section, you have the “Mama Do’s” section. There are five boxes. You can still aim to get three done and then are extra spaces. However, you want to look at it. This is a guide but you can use the planner how you see fit or best works for your life.

We have the Gratitude section and then we have the Mama Win. And on the left side of the weekly pages, you have your Mama Money. Beneath those items but on the right side of the of the weekly pages, you have your Notes. So, it's basically the same format. It's generally just whether you prefer a weekly planning system or a daily planning system often.



I'm asked often which one do I recommend?  And I think it's hard to personally say you're going to do better with one or the other. However, there a couple things to keep in mind. If you already use an appointment system, like you're using an electronic calendar such as iCal or Google Calendar. Then usually what's a beautiful complement to it if you're strictly doing planning and self-care work is the weekly planner. It’s great because you can jot down the big rocks as they call them or the big appointments and big dates in your planner. And then you're still using your planner as a reference point, and a way to look over your day. You can pull out the big things that you want to get done.  You then have your self-care planner which is not included in any other planning system.  It also reminds you about your Mama Wins your Gratitude practice, and even your Mama Money.

So, even if you use an electronic calendaring system, the weekly is really a good complement to it. They really work together. I use electronic calendar because I’m trying to keep track of so many things and my son's calendar and so forth.  All of it together works beautifully. I personally go back and forth between the daily and weekly versions. That's probably why I have two of them. The daily is for those of us that like to write a lot more stuff down. I think it’s for those mamas who want more of an intimate look and approach to our days. For those of us I think that enjoy a little more daily journaling and reflection because the daily planner gives you more room to do. The weekly is thinner so if you're constantly on the go, the weekly is a little bit easier to carry than the daily. When I used to carry my baby bag or diaper bag, the weekly is easier. The weekly is thinner although it's a little bit wider. But the daily is a little bit thicker and to me it feels a little bit heavier.

I am super I'm super excited they're shipping out this week. I'd love for you to get one. To grab one, check out my website. (For the daily, click here. And for the weekly, click here.) If you want to look at more in-depth pages, there's a flip through video that shows a lot of the pages (see below).


Right now, if you use code FREESHIP, you will get free shipping. And I'd love for you to check it out. Check out the testimonials and see what other people are saying about this amazing planner that really helps mamas get more self-care time, be intentional and grateful for the beautiful lives that they're living.

That’s it! I'd love to know any questions that you have. Feel free to drop them in the comments below and will talk with you soon. Thank you!


For the past three years, the Mama Love Planner has supported mamas and mamas-to-be in developing and implementing self-care goals, as well as creating and sustaining a daily gratitude practice. Each planner - daily or weekly version - gives a gentle daily reminder to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. This gratitude journal, self-care tool and planner are designed to help mamas have lives filled with more joy, appreciation and self-care! For more information, check out the video below or learn more about the Daily and Weekly versions!

Easy Self-Care Ideas You Can Do Right Now!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

In this quick periscope video, I share some easy self-care ideas that you can do right now - this moment. You can watch the video, listen to the audio, or read my thoughts below.


We have big things that we are all trying to accomplish in 2016. However, we can't do big things if we don't take care of ourselves. Self-care is a way to refresh, refuel, and rejuvenate ourselves so we can accomplish our goals. Try to create self-care habits and routines in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. If you need help with self-care, please feel free to reach out.


Try to set aside 15 minutes a day for simple self-care. You don't need to spend a lot of time, especially if you don't have it. And if you don't have 15 minutes, try a quick activity like prayer, meditation, or being mindful with your favorite cup of tea/coffee for only 5 minutes.


Self-care doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as bringing a little beauty into your environment. To follow my own advice, I decided to add a little plant goodness to my office environment. Plants are a beautiful gift from Spirit, which were created for their beauty and to nourish us. They can brighten up your space and spirit.

Look at small gifts you can give yourself. You can give yourself flowers.

Another idea to consider is adding essential oils into your daily routine. As a Young Living distributor, I love my oils and find them to be extremely restorative. Two of my favorites right now are "Stress Away" and "Joy." If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or purchasing them, please click here. I'm also available to chat about oils too! (I love them!)

Furthermore, if you are finding it challenging to make room in your lives for self-care, chances are you need to schedule it. I'd love to recommend my Mama Love Planner because it is designed to help mamas get more self-care, institute a gratitude practice, and uplift their lives with powerful declarations. For more information on the Mama Love Planner, please click here.

And if you are looking for additional self-care ideas, please join my mailing list and receive my 31 Self-Care Ideas for Mamas PDF. It's free and it will give you self-care ideas or jumpstart your creative juices to figure out your own restorative practices.

And finally, if you are still stuck with feeling overwhelmed, down, or not quite joyful about motherhood. Or if you aren't sure where to start with discovering your own joy or making time for self-care. Please contact me for a free 15 minute Mama Joy Discovery Session. I'd love to help!

I'd love to hear how your easy self-care practices are working for you. Please drop a comment below and share with your friends!


Self-Care Habits For High Energy

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

Recently, I gave a talk on Periscope entitled "Self-Care Habits for High Energy." I gave 4 great points that can truly help you in your self-care practices and increase your energy levels. Check out the tips below. You can watch the video, listen to the audio or read my thoughts below. 

(1) Create Healthy Boundaries

One of the first things that you can do for yourself to have high energy is to create healthy boundaries. To clarify, a boundary is the ability to say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes. You reserve your sacred yes by saying No when you need to.

Healthy boundaries are the key to maintaining your energy. If you don’t have them, people and situations will drain your energy. For example, you end up doing things that you don't want to do. Then, you will use additional energy by feeling resentful for doing things you don't desire to do. Without proper boundaries, you will spend energy on things, people, and relationships that don't work for you or are not in alignment with your goals or energy. You may also encounter and be more susceptible to "Energy Vampires," which are people who will drain your energy if you let them.

And the reverse is also true. If you surround yourself with high energy people, you will increase your energy! Again, you must have healthy boundaries to take proper care of yourself - mind, body, and spirit - as well as maintain high energy levels.

(2) Design Self-Care Practices & Routines For You

This tip is simple. Your self-care needs are distinct to you. Therefore, your self-care routines and practices should be as individual as you are. Take some time to figure out what things or activities make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Start listening to yourself. Start to hear what makes your heart sing. Just because your best likes yoga and meditation doesn't mean that works for you. Other ideas include journaling, meditating, spending time with friends, exercising, or spending time in nature. If you are looking for more self-care ideas, sign up for my email list to receive the 31 Self-Care Ideas For Mamas PDF. Once you figure out what works for you, schedule it. (Check out my Mama Love Planner for self-care planning and scheduling!)

(3) Eat Best For Your Body

Eat best for your body is so important. Quality food in equals quality energy out. You don't need to have a Ph.D. in nutrition and biochemistry to understand that your body thrives off of "alive," nutrient dense foods, and not processed or "dead" foods. Remember, food gives you life. And of course, you should listen to your body. Take note of your energy levels when you eat certain foods.  I’ve changed my diet a couple of times and I’ve noticed the difference that my diet makes on my energy levels. Figure out what works best for your body. It could be as simple as drinking more water. Or you could try eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat a few days a week. Or you can go completely vegetarian or vegan. Just experiment. And if you need help figuring out where to start, Google the elimination diet. The key is to take note of what works best for your body and be consistent. Remember good food in equals good energy out!

(4) Take A Social Media Fast To Clear Your Mind & Spirit

The last tip is to consider taking a social media fast to clear your mind and spirit. Unplug! Sometimes it is so good to "check out" for a while so you can “check in” to yourself. A media fast from television, internet, and social media will reduce your mental clutter. If you are looking to hear your intuition or listen to yourself, you need to get quiet.  In addition, you will free up not only your energy but your time too. Try it! 

Please leave any thoughts and comments below.

Planning? But Are You Planning for Self-Care?

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

In this video, Brooke-Sidney of Bella & The Babe reminds viewers to plan for self-care when they are planning out their days, weeks, and months. In this quick periscope video, she shares two key questions we should be asking as we plan for self-care.

First, what am I doing to refresh, refuel, and rejuvenate myself this week? Take a quick look at your week. Have you scheduled time for activities that bring you a sense of refreshment? Do you have time for fun built in? Brooke-Sidney invites you to take a good look at your schedule and review it for time where you are refueling, refreshing or rejuvenating yourself. These activities could look like prayer, meditation, taking a walk, manicure and pedicure, or spending time with girlfriends. Self-care ideas are as unique as you are. If you need help brainstorming self-care ideas, check out Bella & The Babe's 31 Self-Care Ideas List. Sign up for the mama community and receive the FREE list!

Next, ask when are you scheduling time for self-care? After you've realized that your schedule does not have enough time set-aside for self-care, now you need to schedule it. If you don't put self-care in the schedule, it often doesn't happen. Self-care usually doesn't occur by chance. (But when those rare moments do occur, jump on them!) Try to schedule at least 15 minutes of self-care time per day. Remember, these activities could be simple, short, and sweet.

And if you need a planner designed to help you get self-care, check out the Mama Love Planner in the daily or weekly versions. It's the only planner + self-care practice + gratitude journal!

Check out the video or audio below! Let's us know how your self-care planning is going. Leave your comments below. And please share this post with your mama friends!

How To Start A Conversation With Anyone

Brooke-Sidney Harbour


Today, I gave a talk on Periscope entitled "How To Start A Conversation With Anyone." I gave 7 great points that can truly help you in your personal or professional lives. Let's jump into the tips.

(1) Know You Have Something Valuable To Contribute

I really want to encourage you to start conversations because you have something incredibly valuable to contribute. You truly do! Simply by being you - a divinely created and inspired human being - you have something to add! My hope is that you will value you who are and what you have to share. In addition, I encourage you to be authentically you. Share from your real and true self because that's more than enough!

(2) Create Prepared Openers

For some of us, starting a conversation is really challenging. Perhaps you are introverted or a little shy. Or maybe you get a little tongue-tied. This suggestion is for you. Take some time and create a prepared opener, which is often called an "Elevator Pitch." It is simply who you are, what you do, and how you serve (or solve a problem if this is a true business situation). Spend some time crafting an opener. I encourage you to write it down. You can even practice it alone or with someone. I guarantee that a prepared opener will make you feel more confident and at ease.

BONUS: Start The Communication In A Genuine Way For You

In this digital age, you are not tied to starting a conversation in person. There are so many alternative ways to communicate. There is email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In to name a few. If you feel comfortable with one of these platforms, try using it to start a communication with someone. You don't have to start conversations in person. Do what works for you

(3) Use Something You Have In Common

An easy way to break the ice with someone is to start a conversation based on a mutual interest, a shared association or contact. Honestly, it could be something as simple as talking about the weather (especially if you live on the East Coast) or the traffic (if you live in Los Angeles). Do a little research, if necessary, to find a common interest or thread to start a conversation. It will make the person feel more comfortable with you and the conversation will likely flow easier.

(4) No One Is Better Or Greater Than You

I want you all to remember that we are all created equal. We all bleed. We are all born and one day will die. And as the saying goes, all of us put our pants on one leg at a time. Try to remember that when you are uncomfortable around someone who "may appear" to be more successful than you. This person is simply farther along in their story and you could be at the beginning or middle of yours. Please know that no one, absolutely no one, is better than you. No one!

(5) Just Do It

All it takes is a smile and a simple "Hello," "Good morning," "Good evening," or "How are you?" You will be amazed at the power of a smile and a warm, personable demeanor. People love to get to know others that look pleasant and are friendly. If you take a genuine interest in someone and approach them in a friendly manner, it can be pretty easy to get that conversation rolling!

(6) You Have Nothing To Lose

This one may be a shocker for many of you. You are reading this and probably thinking. Yes, I do have something to lose. I am going to be embarrassed. Or I will look stupid. I don't want to deny that those feelings could come up for you. However, you haven't really "lost" anything. In fact, since you didn't know the person to begin with you, you didn't lose anything by trying. In my math book, you only have something to gain - a new associate, a new conversation. Rejection is a myth. Try to remember this mindset shift when you are feeling uneasy about approaching someone new.

If you want to read more about how rejection is a myth, check out "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield. It's a great book!

(7) Don’t Take The Rejection Personal

In the event that the conversation does not take off, please, please, please, don't take it personal. Ninety-nine percent of the time a person's reaction to you has nothing to do with you but 100% to do with what's going on with them. They may not have time to talk at the moment. They may be distracted. They may have had a terrible day. Or they might just be unfriendly, which has nothing to do with you. To be honest, it's not about you.

One of my favorite books, "The Four Agreement" by Don Miguel Ruiz, gives this amazing agreement that is so applicable here. It's the Second Agreement, which is Don't Take Anything Personal. Once you realize that how people respond and operate in the world really have nothing to do with you, you become a lot freer to just be you. Do you! Take risks. Start up conversations.

It's a brand new year. And I hope that you've set goals that require you to stretch, leave your comfort zones, which undoubtedly will require you to make new connections. I encourage you to use these tips to start a conversation with anyone. Who knows. That conversation might make your year!

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And check out some of my favorite books in my Mama Favs store. And there are still a few Mama Love Planners™ in stock, grab yours today!

Love & light,


My One Word for 2016 - Why It’s Different & Impactful!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour


Hello Hello! It's only the second week in January 2016 and I am finally announcing my ONE WORD for 2016. Honestly, it took me awhile to figure it out. And then it took me even longer to pray on it and make sure that it truly was my word for this year. I also didn't feel the need to rush it.

What is a One Word?

One Word is the modern day alternative to New Year's Resolutions. Many smart people discovered that people don't keep their resolutions. They are fun to make but hard to keep. And a resolution isn't even a goal. It's like a "wish" for your year. Unless you turn your resolution into a goal and then break it down, it's difficult (dare I say impossible) to make it happen.

So rather than creating (useless) resolutions, many people have decided to focus on one key word for the year. Consider it an anchor for your year. A filter in which to view your goals, decisions, and changes that may need to be made. There are organizations out there (like My One Word) and Facebook groups that can help you find your word or support you in your word choice.

I like to think of my One Word as a theme for my year. It's like my highest intention for my year. It really serves as a way to see if I am staying on point. Your One Word can help you set goals or make any changes that you wish to make in the new year. If used, it can be a very powerful tool and launch pad for your success.

How do you figure out your one word?

There are several ways for you to figure out your One Word. One of the best ways (especially for me) is prayer. I actually spend time with God and ask him for my word. I ask Him what should I do this year? Where does He want me to go? What should I focus on?

Another way people figure out their one word is reflecting on the previous year. It's really helpful to look over last year and see what worked and didn't work. Some people keep their same word for multiple years because it worked for them or they knew there was still work to do with that word in the following year. You're the boss. You set the rules for your One Word.

There are also great tools out there for helping you choose your word. One of my favorites is by Susannah Conway. It's called "Find Your Word." It's F-R-E-E and amazing. I combine that with prayer and VOILA - a word appears! She has a meditation too that you can use if you like those types of things.

And then, honestly, some people feel like their words choose them. They see a word over and over again for a week. It pops out to them whenever they are reading or listening to someone. A word pops into their mind in the shower. So, if you are stuck, start paying attention to the words around you.  Or many people know there is something that they need to work on like love, connection, being purposeful. Or there is something they want more of in their life like abundance, friendship, or joy. So, they pick one of those words.

Again, there are no rules. Choose your word in the best way for you.

What was my One Word last year?

Last year, my word was SELF-CARE. For those of you that follow me or are my clients, you know self-care is a big word of mine. The word kept coming to me in 2014. And I was already working on it and with it. So, it was an easy one for me.

The word has really come alive in my life. It's in my business. I help mamas, mamas-to-be, and busy women find more self-care in their lives and create self-care rituals and routines. (Love that!) I also created the Mama Love Planner™, which helps mamas find more time for self-care. And it is an important part of my life. Honestly, my life works when I make time for myself. I'm living proof of my teachings. After becoming a mama, my self-care was my oxygen!

I also choose Core Desired Feelings last year. Core Desired Feelings (also known as CDFs) are from Danielle LaPorte's book, The Desire Map. I love that book and have found it really helpful on my mothering journey. Last year my words were Bliss, Empowered, Authentic, Oneness, Abundant, and Connected. Usually you have 3-5, but you know I always color outside of the lines. Six spoke to me. So I chose six!

And in 2014 and 2013, I chose the word, HOPE. I love that word. It is still one of my absolute favorite words. And I also go back to it.


Drum roll please! This year my word is AIM - AUTHENTIC, INTENTIONAL, MIRACLES! I am absolutely in love with this word because of it's double meaning for me. I love what the word means on its own as well as an acronym for the words that kept speaking to me for this year.

First, I love the meaning of AIM. It means the following:

  • Have intention of achieving (YES! It even has the word intention in its meaning.)
  • A purpose or intention, desired outcome (YES! Again, the word intention is there.)
  • Directing of a weapon or object at a target (YES! Yes, my life should be directed at a target.)
  • To aspire, intend (YES! YES!)

For me, the actual meaning of AIM was dead on (Excuse the pun)! Our lives are lived intentionally when we direct them at a target, a goal, a reason for living. We live intentional lives when they are AIMED at our goals and aligned with our purpose.

Next, AIM is also an acronym. A is for Authentic. I have a super strong resonance with the word Authentic. It's who I am. Who I always strive to be in my life and in my business. I value authenticity in others and in my relationships. If I sense phoniness or a lack of transparency, I turn the other way or stop listening. Hey, I am just being honest. Authenticity is major for me. It's also one of my Core Desired Feelings.

Then, I is for Intentional. Intentional is the word that came to me first. It came in a God whisper. It's how I strive to live my life. It's part of my work in progress. It's where I want my life to continue growing. And it is definitely a "theme" for my 2016. 

Many of you may have noticed that I changed my title from Authentic & Conscious Mothering Guide to Authentic & INTENTIONAL Mothering Guide. It doesn't necessarily change what I do but it's more of an accurate description. Intentional captures more of me and my services. I seek to not just bring consciousness and awareness to mothering - which I do - but also intentionality.

Intentional means being deliberate, purposeful, with thought, with meaning. It also means ON PURPOSE which I love. And on purpose means by intent or with intentionality. All of these words just flow together. And I noticed that God was truly speaking to me.

I only had one problem with Intention. It was too dry and too mental. It didn’t involve enough SPIRIT for me. It felt off. It felt like not the full story - like it wasn't enough. So, I prayed about it and waited.

God then revealed to me the missing but KEY piece - MIRACLES! I always want to leave room in my life for God to do His work. And I love the idea of miracles. I love experiencing miracles. Quite frankly, I love watching Spirit move in my life. And I am DECLARING 2016 to be a year of MIRACLES! It felt good, right, and complete after Miracles was in the formula!! 

Thus, AIM was born!

You can see that I love the ONE WORD concept. And more importantly, it works for me. I encourage you to try it. I would love to hear about your ONE WORD. Please leave a comment below.

Love & light,

Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Movie, "Joy"!

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

Joy Movie

Hello Mamas! Today, I am talking about lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from the movie, "Joy." But first, I have to give a little background.

Going to the movies is a part of my self-care routine. As mamas and busy entrepreneurs, we (desperately) need self-care. And self-care is simply taking the time to do something that refreshes, refuels, and rejuvenates us! For me, I love going to the movies. I am a movie buff, junkie, you name it. I love the movies. So, the movies has become a part of my self-care routine. I usually go to the movies on a Sunday afternoon when my son has his "daddy day"! I encourage all of you reading this post to develop a self-care practice and routine to ensure you get the self-care you need to stay in tip top shape. [If you need help developing a self-care routine or finding more joy, please contact me!]

Let me tell you a little bit about the movie. "Joy" is a comedy and drama movie (known as a "dramedy") that was released on Christmas Day 2015. So, it just came out. It stars Jennifer Lawrence as the main character, Joy, as well as Mr. Handsome himself, Bradley Cooper, and acting legend, Robert De Niro. You may know Jennifer Lawrence from movies like "American Hustle," "Silver Linings Playbook" (also with Bradley Cooper and a personal favorite), and "The Hunger Games," to name a few! This movie is currently nominated for the Golden Globes Award for Best Musical & Comedy. And Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance. It's a definite must-see.

Even more than the story line and Golden Globe nominations and award, this movie carries some important lessons for entrepreneurs. I'd love to share a few I gathered!

First Lesson: Don't Lose Yourself In Being A Mama

As you all know, I'm firm believer in the important job that us mamas do. I think it is THE most important job. However, I also believe that we can't let it be the sum total of who we are. We also have dreams. Don't forget those dreams. Your dreams can involve your family or not - just don't forget them! Becoming a mama is a super huge transition in life - but you still have a life to live!

Second Lesson: Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

In this movie, Joy was an inventor, a creator, a visionary! She loved to create something from nothing. And she had dreams of inventing things since she was a young child. However, when we meet her in the movie, her life looks nothing like she hoped it would look. In fact, it didn't resemble any of her dreams. Like most of us, life throws us curveballs. Sometimes we have setbacks. Life doesn't go our way. However, we could be in the middle of our story, or just beginning. Joy "woke up" from her current life to the possibilities of a new life built on her dream. She decided to not let her current situation determine her future. You can make the same choice.

Third Lesson: Don't Listen To Your Haters

Although I don't love the word "haters," sometimes is just fits. In the movie, Joy definitely had haters or naysayers that thought her dream was silly and that she couldn't do it. She even had times when she was made fun of. And people put down her dreams. The difference between Joy and many of us is that we choose not to listen to the haters. We listen to the song in our hearts and follow our dreams. We don't let the naysayers get to us!

Fourth Lesson: Don't Take No For An Answer

Joy encountered several no's in the movie. In fact, she encountered so many that I stopped counting. We are all going to face rejection and our share of no's. The key is how we deal with them. Do we shrink up and let them beat us? Or do we figure out a way through? Joy let the no's fall on deaf ears. She decided not to listen to them. She encountered a big mishap. An incident that could have stopped other entrepreneurs. It didn't stop her. She found even greater resolve! In fact, she even told a key decision-maker (the handsome Bradley Cooper) that she wasn't going to take no for an answer. She refused. She offered new ideas and solutions. She tried different things. She didn't let no stop her. She knew that a "yes" was coming.

Fifth Lesson: Believe In Yourself & Your Dreams

Our businesses and lives call us to believe in them and our dreams. If we don't believe in them, we can't convince others to believe in them or buy from us. Joy wholeheartedly believed in her dream, which was her invention. She knew it was an amazing idea. And she also realized that just because other people didn't see her vision at first, it didn't make her idea a bad one. Joy knew that she could sell her business better than anyone else because she knew it inside and out. She took stock of her skills and abilities and used them to her benefit.

God whispered our dreams to us. He didn't explain it to others so sometimes it takes a while for others to see our vision too. Don't give up. If you received a God-whisper, a dream, keep listening and believing. Believing is half the battle!

Sixth Lesson: Surround Yourself with "Dream Keepers"

In this movie, Joy surrounded herself with people who believed in her, her abilities, and her dreams. She showed us that we all need to gather together a group of people that support our dreams. I call those people "Dream Keepers." These are people you can trust with your dream. Dream keepers protect your dream and can encourage you when the going gets rough. (Notice I said when, not if!) We all need others. We were created to be in community. We need people who believe in us. Joy had a grandmother who never stopped believing in her. Her grandmother kept reminding her of her dreams and her past successes. Her grandmother held a high vision for Joy and her life. She also had an ex-husband who ended up becoming a best friend. He helped her land the opportunity of her lifetime.

It's also worth noting that we shouldn't take our relationships for granted. Relationships sometimes grow, change, and even morph - like Joy and her ex-husband. We never know who is going to be an angel or a dream keeper. Let's make sure we are appreciating those wonderful people around us.

Seventh Lesson: Sometimes You Have To Get Tough & Stand Up For Yourself

Being an entrepreneur is not for the fainthearted. The life of an entrepreneur can be rough. Ask one. It's also super rewarding. With big costs, come big rewards. As a result, we have to be tough when the going gets rough. We have to stand up for ourselves and our dreams. In this movie, Joy encountered the biggest threat to her business and her dream. Instead of giving in or raising a flag of defeat, she countered! She fought back and in turn got her business back even stronger and better. 

Sometimes life calls us to fight (metaphorically not physically) for our businesses and for our dreams. It throws us punches and we have to punch back. If your dreams and business are worth having, they are worth fighting for. Don't forget that.

And for some other legal wisdom (as I don my attorney hat), make sure you read all the fine print, understand disclaimers, and pay attention to the documents that you sign. Joy learned a lesson or two about that one!

Please let me know if this post helped you in the comments below! And please share with your mama and entrepreneur friends on Twitter and Facebook. I'd love to hear from you!

Love and light,

Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe

P.S. My Mama Love Planners are still available!  Please check them out! And if you are interested in one-on-one help with finding more joy in your life, especially motherhood - Let's chat!


What's So Special About the Mama Love Planner?

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

In this video, Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe as well as the creator of The Mama Love Planner™ talks about "What's So Special About It!" It's the only planner for mothers that focuses on self-care. It also has a built-in gratitude journal to record at least 3 things that you are grateful for daily. And it has a place for daily or weekly declarations to write words that affirm and uplift you! It's the perfect tool to help mamas love their lives!

Check out the video below to get a good view of the planner and its pages. Or if you prefer, listen to the audio and leave some comments below!

Traits of An Entrepreneur

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

In this periscope video, Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe gives some insightful tips for budding or present-day entrepreneurs. This video was a part of the Peri10k shareathon. Her advice stems from fighting the fears that arise while making your business dreams come true. As a mamapreneur, she lives this wisdom daily while building her Bella & the Babe company. Check out her video for all of the tips. Or if you would rather listen, check out the audio file below! Please leave your comments.

One Important Step In Getting Self-Care for Mamas

Brooke-Sidney Harbour

In this periscope video, Brooke-Sidney of Bella & the Babe discusses "One Important Step in Getting Self-Care for Mamas." Brooke-Sidney recently created a Mama Love Planner designed to help mamas get more time for self-care. If you can't watch the video, listen to the audio! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. And share the tips with your mama friends!